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Sarah’s Bio

Sarah Kanaan has been a Child Nutritionist at Nestlé since 2013. Her love for children is evident, she’s a regular spokesperson on child nutrition and others areas of public health. Her overwhelming passion for kids' nutrition is brought to life as she shares her valuable knowledge moms.

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Grocery shopping steps that would help improve your toddler's eating habits

Don’t we as parents always strive to serve our kids a variety of healthy foods? Our grocery shopping strategy is actually the most important step in this process. Read More

Posted on January 01, 2017

10 Tips for Supermarket Fun!

Do you dread going grocery shopping with your child? Does he love to run up and down the aisle, or continuously beg for sweets? I can perfectly understand that a simple grocery trip can feel like a major expedition with a toddler and it can definitely drive you crazy! Read More

Posted on May 01, 2016

The importance of milk for your little one

When growing up, the reason why we drank milk was clear: It was good for you and your parents told you to drink it (which you did or defiantly didn't), end of story. Since then, researchers have been taking a closer look at the benefits of dairy products, Read More

Posted on April 5, 2016

Tips For Raising Happy and Healthy children

Moms, don’t we all want to give our toddlers the best of everything from the day they're born to help them grow into healthy and happy adults? I’m happy to share some tips on how to make a difference in their lives and instill healthy habits from an early age. Read More

Posted on December 10, 2015

Your Child’s Nutrition Starts Here with Sarah

Hi! I’m Sarah, a food loving, health promoting nutritionist and a blessed mother of a wonderful 2 years and a half old son. Nutrition, mainly child nutrition is my food for thoughts on a daily basis and has instilled a passion within me to raise a healthy family and develop their love for healthy fresh foods. But I don’t eat “perfectly” and neither do my family. Our eating habits are works of progress, just like we are. Read More

Posted on November 10, 2015

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15 Minutes of high-intensity interval training for busy moms!

I’m sure you’ve heard of HIIT workouts before, right? If not, well then read on and thank me later. HIIT is an acronym for ‘high intensity interval training’...Read more

Posted on November 22, 2017

The Importance of Saying No To Your Children

Why didn’t anyone tell me how hard parenting is? Don’t get me wrong I love my little one and I can’t imagine my world without her. Everything I do and every decision I make is made with how it will impact her in mind... Read more

Posted on October 23, 2017

10 tips to set a sleeping routine for your toddler

Let’s face it: some of you would say that it’s too early for a one year old to get into the habit of regular sleeping patterns and some of you would fear it might be too late any time after. Read more

Posted on October 03, 2017

7 Best Family Beaches on the Arabian Peninsula!

A relaxing day at the beach is a great activity for families! Here are five amazing beaches located in different places around the Arabian Peninsula that are perfect to visit with your kids. Read more

Posted on September 20, 2017

9 simple desk exercises for working mamas

As a mother with a full time job, one of my main struggles is finding the time to work out. I truly believe that this struggle extends to almost everyone. Time is fleeting and we feel it every day. Read more

Posted on August 28, 2017

Benefits of Art Therapy for Children with Special Needs

Art is a wonderful venue for people of all ages. Open the world of art to children and the sky is the limit. Now unlock the wonders of art for a Special Needs child and amazing things can happen. Read more

Posted on July 24, 2017

Ways to help your mom and toddler stay active!

The importance and necessity of exercise in our daily lives is often forgotten, especially here in the Middle East. This is evident in our health-related statistics like the high rate of diabetes, obesity, heart diseases, and the list goes on. Read more

Posted on July 06, 2017

5 family summer escapes for Eid Holidays!

Are you planning a family vacation for this summer’s Eid break? The perfect places to spend Eid Al Fitr are locations where one can relax with beautiful scenery, recharging after Ramadan and enjoying quality time with the family. Read more

Posted on June 15, 2017

Make time to care for your own well-being mamas!

As a mother, you need to look after yourself - after all, your mental and physical health has never been relied upon or tested more! Here are three simple self-care steps that will help you: Read more

Posted on April 27, 2017

10 steps to boost your child’s immunity when travelling

Travelling can be fun and relaxing but it can also be stressful especially for us moms. At the end of the day travelling and seeing new places takes a toll on both adults and children. Read more

Posted on January 31, 2017