Travelling can be fun and relaxing but it can also be stressful especially for us moms. At the end of the day travelling and seeing new places takes a toll on both adults and children. Especially the smallest family members get easily tired with new surroundings and experiences. In addition, change in food and weather can affect their immunity. This is why mothers need to ensure their little ones get optimal nutrition particularly when travelling so that they have enough energy and a strong immune system.

As mothers we are always worried about our children, whether it’s their sleeping habits, education or the nutrition they’re getting. Children being sick is the last thing we want to deal with on a vacation. A strong immune system provides a child with powerful natural defenses against diseases and good nutrition is the fuel for it! So here are some tips on how you can ease this aspect of travelling with kids.

1. While it’s always fun for us to try out new foods when we travel, it’s not a good idea for children to eat large amounts of new foods at once. Introduce them slowly in small bits to avoid any tummy trouble.

2. When possible, plan ahead for your trip and take homemade snacks and meals with you.

3. Proteins support your toddler’s immune system so give your toddler snacks that are rich in protein such as nuts, legumes and dairy products.

4. One of the safest ways to give your child dairy products while travelling is by using milk powders. Always mix the powder into bottled water only.

5. To ensure your toddler receives the required proteins, choose a growing up milk that has high quality and the right quantity of proteins.

6. Feeding your toddler growing up milk which contains probiotics could help boost their immunity further by increasing the amount of good bacteria in their guts.

7. Always stay hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink enough fluids when we get busy. Keep a water bottle handy for yourself and your children at all times.

8. If your family consumes fresh fruits during the journey make sure they’ve been washed with fresh water and peeled.

9. Avoid eating food from buffets if the food has been out for a while, especially any dairy product that has been out should be avoided.

10. Avoid sugary foods and treats. They will only make your child hyperactive and cranky.