Don’t get me wrong, I’m ALL for mamas in heels. Why on earth would having toddlers stop you from wearing higher shoes? There’s a certain strut and power that ONLY a heel can give you But, day to day, there’s a practical comfort and even safety for mums of toddlers to be running around in flats.

And what a time to be based ‘a terre’?! There are so many cool styles to choose from. I’m not talking about your dusty old flip-flops. Let’s crank things up a little, your looks starts at the feet and you’d be surprised how different that comfy t-shirt dress can look with a great shoe.

If the below are good enough for street style stars at fashion week, then they’ll do just fine down the play centre. My top picks for the next season are…

Ballerina flats

Miu Miu’s crazy punk buckled flats caused quite a stir earlier this year and the high street is following suit with some fabulous and much more wearable versions. My inspired Zara flats are selling out around the world and No21’s Velvet versions are an even stronger nod to the Miu Miu original. This winter, go for punky, strappy versions of the wardrobe classes and give whatever you’re wearing a little edge.


Anything goes, from your hardcore training technology machine (Nike Airs) to the retro classics (Adidas Superstars, Converse Chucks). You can even pay more to have them look a little beaten up, ala Golden Goose. TRAINERS worn with anything ARE IN.

In my opinion, cool white simple rules, ala Adidas’ Stan Smith. Wear them with day time dresses, skirts, culottes, jeans, anything goes. Find your way of lacing them.


A little half way house between heels and flats, a flatworm gives you some height without taking any comfort away. From brogue to sandal style. This is a fashion forward structure and adds a quirky touch to your look. Again, great with pretty much anything and there are rather fancy, sparkly versions around if you fancy showing off.

Pool slides

After trainers, these are my school-run to supermarket to beach staple. The shoes your dad wore in the gym locker room never looked so good. Slip them on and go, slip them off and crash.


Hear me out - not fashion, at all. Or will they be? Hot off the Spring Summer 17 London Fashion Week, Christopher Kane debuted a line with metallic, rock encrusted Crocs. I draw the line here, carrying kids or otherwise!

Loafers, brogues, ankle boots, the list goes on. It’s a great time to be practically, low and comfortable. Also if you’re anything like me and spend most of your time on your knees, chasing and playing across the floor I would recommend a great hardie moisturizer as well!