Learning and growing are a natural part of every child’s development but why not give them an extra push in the right direction. You’re already helping them in ways you probably don’t even know. Try adding or utilizing some of these fun family activities into your daily routine and unlock even more of your child’s brainpower! Here are few great ideas to help get you started.

1.Book Worm: Reading will always be high up on the list of great ways to enhance your child’s brain power. Setting a daily time to read to or with your child will quickly become a part of your daily routine that you both look forward to. Unwind, relax and really connect; what could be better? While doing so your choice of books can help you guide your child’s view of the world or assist them in discovering more about things they are interested in. Additionally, you are enriching vocabulary and communication skills not to mention boosting self- esteem!

2.Puzzles & Board Games: Encourage your little one to do puzzles and play board games. Both can improve language concepts, number awareness and develop an understanding of dimensional relationships. These activities also build strategy and memory skills while improving the brain’s ability to understand and process new ideas or concepts.

3.Dancing: How about dancing? It not only helps the brain with forethought and judgment, but also helps neurons communicate more effectively. Different types of dancing blend clever and intellectual thought processes with muscle memory. Dancing can even create social interactions that provide nutrients to brain cells so move, groove and build brain power!

4.Swimming: Swimming is another great option. Any exercise improves brain activity but swimming uses muscles in a way unlike walking or running forcing the brain to receive and process muscle messages in a whole new way. For toddlers of 1-3 years you can simply introduce them to the water and make them comfortable with it. This can be done by showing them how to splash and by playing gentle games together.

5.Try the Brain Power Challenge: To really assist your child’s brain power challenge them to use it in fun but unusual ways. Getting the left and right hemispheres of the brain to work together will maximize results for learning and academic growth. We all have a dominant side, we are right or left handed, right or left eye dominant, or right or left leg dominant. Make a game out of challenging the weaker side. If you are right handed, brush your teeth with your left hand. If you kick a ball with your left leg, try kicking with the right leg. By switching up everyday tasks you force the brain to compensate and focus on strengthening hand-eye coordination.

These types of challenges can build new associations between different neural connections of the brain and create lots of fun-filled memories for you and your child! Go ahead give it a try, you’ll be happy you did and so will your little one!