Believe it or not there are places in the Gulf region where the weather is cooler even during the hottest summer months. A trip outside of the region is not always necessary to escape the heat. Check out some of these suggestions for a cool escape with your family!


  • Abha- The city of Abha has various attractions such as the stunning Asir National Park and historical village of Rijal Alma. The elevation of Asir region is well above sea level, with Saudi Arabia’s highest peak Jebel Souda reaching 2910m. The area is a popular summer destination for locals because of its cool weather and stunning green scenery. Abha is famous for scenic cable car rides, baboons and delicious local honey. More things to do in Abha

  • Taif- At an elevation of 1879m, The Sarawat Mountains and city of Taif can be reached in just one hour from Jeddah. In Taif there are many great hotels to choose from, an international airport, pleasant climate and beautiful scenery. This area is famous for its rose farms and agricultural industry particularly the “fruit gardens” of Shifa.


  • Fujeirah- The most mountainous of all the Emirates, Fujeirah has higher elevation and less humidity making it a more pleasant choice in the summer. There are luxurious beach retreats to stay at and make day trips into the Hajar mountain range.

  • Al Ain - Often overlooked this charming Emirate has some beautiful green areas and less humidity due to its location inland. Al Ain has some luxurious hotels and the zoo is worth a visit too.

  • Hatta Mountains - Hatta Mountains are just a couple of hours drive from Dubai. You can stay at the Hatta fort hotel it’s an all-inclusive luxury retreat in the majestic Hajar Mountains. You can take tours to the nearby Hatta pools and natural springs as well.


  • Salalah- During the hottest summer months it’s actually monsoon season in this part of Oman. Also called the ‘khareef’, it means the weather will be rainy and cooler, transforming the region to a lush tropical paradise during June to August. Salalah is a great family beach destination combined with history and stunning views of the mountains.

  • Jebel Akhdar (Green Mountain)- Rising to 2980 meters, Jebel Akhdar is the perfect name for this lush mountain range in Oman, famous for its pomegranate, peach and other fruit terraces. Summer temperatures range around 23C here. A beautiful boutique hotel is located there overlooking a canyon, complete with pools and family rooms. The hotel organizes trekking; cave visits, donkey rides and farming activities for the little ones.

  • Khasab- It’s located on the Musandam peninsula, a small port city with lots of idyllic charm and unique local culture. The climate is more bearable due to location and cooling sea breezes. Dolphin spotting and snorkeling trips can be done in the turquoise waters with traditional dhow boats.

Sometimes, the best places to visit are the ones right next to you!