As a mother with a full time job, one of my main struggles is finding the time to work out. I truly believe that this struggle extends to almost everyone. Time is fleeting and we feel it every day.

I’m pretty much sitting at my work desk all day. This position and lack of movement can cause many issues with the body if experienced in excess, like posture problems in the neck and back, digestion problems, leg disorders, and muscle degeneration.

I’m sure that throughout the day at work there are times when you’re not as busy, or things somewhat slow down so utilize this time or your lunch break to do some exercises at your desk! Try these quick exercises to keep you moving when you have a little idle time:

1. Replace your chair with a stability ball: You don’t have to do this change permanently or for the whole day, just have it handy and replace it every once in a while. It’s a perfect tool to encourage core strength, improve stability, and increase coordination.

2. Leg Raises: Stabilize yourself by holding your desk and lift your legs to the side.

3. Desk Push-ups: They’re elevated so they are slightly easier than your average push-ups, but still do wonders.

4. Calf Raises: Simple, but work a muscle you don’t normally focus on, but can!

5. Quadriceps Stretch: Fold your leg back and hold the position for a few seconds. Repeat on each side.

6. Tricep Dips: Find the right position and do some dips.

7. Elevated Lunges: Use your chair to lift one of your legs and get into a lunge position. A little different than your usual, but can be as or even more effective. Do this with the stability ball for more of a challenge.

8. Seated Crunches (only work with a stability ball): You won’t get nearly as good of a workout with a chair. You can do several variations in this position. Be creative!

9. Arm Raises: Take a couple of water bottles or even paper weights and do some arm raises.

Just doing these few deskercises on daily basis can have a positive impact on your health in the long run.

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