When it comes to traveling with small kids moms can greatly improve their experience with a few tricks up their sleeves. The following list has some great ideas for what to get a traveling mommy to make their trips even more enjoyable!

Portable charger for mobile phone: A pocket size power bank for smartphones is a great gift for every mom on the go and every traveler’s must have item. This saves the day especially when moms take a lot of pictures of their little ones, that quickly eats up the battery.

Noise canceling headphones: Not only for the mother, but noise canceling ear phones can be essential for kids who have trouble falling asleep on the plane. Of course moms will appreciate the moment of silence or her favorite songs while on long journeys. It’s best for kids to use tablets with the earphones plugged in on planes, to avoid disturbing fellow passengers.

Teething necklace: This can be a lifesaver for moms with teething toddlers. It’s a necklace worn by the mother, safe for the toddler to put in her mouth and play with. Especially handy while sitting on the moms lap on the plane. They come in various colors and shapes to cater to different tastes.

Stylish diaper bag: The latest diaper bags don’t look anything like the traditional boring diaper bags anymore; there are stylish options available in most mother and toddler stores.

Travel size set of beauty must haves: Beauty essentials in air travel approved sizes can be found in many department stores. Sephora has a great range of beauty travel kits.

Travel case for tablet: Tablets can easily drop and break from your toddler’s hands, so an impact resistant tough case for travel is essential. Some casings double as a stand, which makes them great for watching videos.

Miniature perfumes set: Mini-sized perfumes are great for traveling and easy to find at department stores.

Personalized luggage tags: You can buy personalized luggage tags online, which will greatly help recognizing your luggage on the conveyor belt and save you time.

Passport cover: Cultural passport covers, which showcase the owners’ national heritage, are trendy right now. Passport covers can also be personalized at specialty online stores.

Small luggage scale: These pocket-sized scales come in handy while checking the weight of your checked in luggage before going to the airport.

100% Linen towel: Linen is the best material for compact travel towels. They absorb water quickly, dry fast, fit into a small space and look great.

Large Sarong made of ultra light fabric: This can double as a dress, a cover-up at the beach, a beach towel, scarf, turban, sunshade, changing mat or anything your imagination can think of.

Convertible neck pillow: A neck pillow, which transforms into a stuffed animal.

Made of micro beads and stretchy material, these pillows are an awesome choice to help kids sleep during travel (and moms too – why not!).

These items would make the perfect gift for a frequently traveling mom and her little travel buddy.