All our life we’ve learned about the importance of getting all the nutrients (in the right amounts) from all the different food groups. In this post, we’re going to be primarily focusing on the protein intake of our little picky eaters AKA the toddlers.

One of the important benefits of protein is that it helps in building and maintaining your toddler’s muscles as well as supports their immunity. This is why you should aim to feed them the right quantity and quality of proteins. Your toddler uses their muscles throughout the day to crawl, walk, jump, and more, making it very important for them to have strong muscles to support them during these activities.

One of the main and favorite forms of nutrition for your toddler is milk. Therefore, we should ensure that their milk has the right quantity and quality of protein needed for their muscle growth and immunity. Giving higher amount of protein to your toddler will not provide them with stronger muscles but on the contrary you might overload their organs and which may cause obesity and weight gain later on.

All moms can agree that feeding a toddler is one of the hardest jobs of all. And while it’s important not to force them or make it a miserable experience, we need to think of ways to incorporate not only protein, but as many nutrients as possible into their diet. Taking a closer look at our children’s nutrition (and nutrition habits) today can play a big role in their development now and later in life. Plus let’s face it habits are much harder to break as adults, so instill the right ones early on!

To build on this, there are simple and fun exercises that you can do with your toddler to help build their muscle tone (and even your own!):

  • Bear Crawls : Walk using hands and feet, with bottoms in the air.
  • Stability Ball Rolls : Either lie across a stability ball, or roll, moving back and forth. You can also sit on the ball and work on balance.
  • Bicycle Movements : Lie on the floor with feet in the air while making the motion of riding a bicycle.

(PS. How well your toddler can master these movements depends on their age.)