Let’s face it, life as a mum can be at times, testing. It’s unanimous that the highs outweigh the lows, but the lows can be seriously LOW. Testing times are easily made up for with sweet words, kisses, cuddles and giggles. But it’s nice to get the more shall we say ‘tangible appreciation’ too.

Mother’s Day is all about tangible appreciation. I want cards; gluey, glittery, hearts and flowers, potato-printed notes of love to stash away in a box and later sob over when my sons leave home one day. I want breakfast-in-bed. Flowers are always a treat. Also, nothing says I know you like chocolates for me.

But, if you buy me a gift (BUY ME A GIFT!!) on mother’s day, I would want something that references my special relationship with my kids, a keeper present, a trinket with meaning. So knowing full well that my toddlers, let alone my husband have no idea in this department, I shall either be hinting to the latter to buy me, or just ordering myself, one of the following special mummy treasures.

A Photobook

A perfect gift would be a beautiful photo book of your special mothering journey. In the instance that those gifting aren’t hit with such inspiration, it’s a nice occasion to sit and compile one for yourself. Regional player Ayaami have some great templates and the service.

A finger print ring

Jook and Nona do a perfect example of a signet ring that bears your baby’s fingerprint. They’re stunning and chic. One ring even has a diamond bezzle. Stack as many as you have kids, or wear on the fingerprint charm on a pendant.

Birthstone Jewellery

Perhaps a floating stone(s) on a pretty chain bracelet or a fabulous big cocktail ring is an option. It’s lovely wearing your baby’s colours next to your pulse and takes a special something to another level with such personalisation. Also increasingly popular are bespoke glass lockets in which you can display floating stones of personal importance. www.loquetlondon.com really own that space.

Bags of Love

Edie Parker’s personalised name clutches are not a celebrity and fashionista cult accessory for nothing. The glamorous acrylic box style bags are the chicest way to carry that special name on your arm and keep them with you in spirit when you’re out on the town… and they’re hopefully tucked up in bed.Choose a style and write the name here

Choo love

Did you know you could customise a pair of Jimmy Choos with a name? It started out as a bridal service but has started to trend with mums who have their children’s names under the sole of these most beautiful shoes. Take your pick of colours and fabrics here.

Ladies, what ever you are gifted, if anything at all, I needn’t remind you how blessed we are. Sometimes we do however, need to be reminded what a great job we are all undoubtedly doing and how appreciated we are. Just following a blog like this demonstrates your interest in and enjoyment of being a mum. Keep up the good work. Love Heidi, xxx