Acting just like mommy starts when your baby is a newborn, and doesn’t stop for years! It’s a milestone of development and our children’s way of learning about themselves and discovering their identities, and we, as parents, are so incredibly privileged to be able to influence that.

It was easy to witness that with my own daughter when she was just a baby: when I smiled, she'd smile right back at me, or when I wanted her to say "mama", I would repeat it adamantly until one day, she copied the sounds and said her first word. It's magical to watch and it is a significant power as a parent; you have to always be careful of every single thing you say and do. Children, ultimately, are a reflection of us as parents because we are their idols and their role models. They want to copy us and be like us and even be us. My daughter is always making me promise that I'll give her all my dresses and all my shoes when she's "big", she's always begging to put on lipstick "like mommy", she picks up my expressions and exclaims "that's awesome!" just like I do, and it all warms my heart. Imitation has always been marked as a major milestone in development.

I often tend to get a little reflective and ponder what it means to me to be a mother to such a beautiful inquisitive soul. It’s a reminder of what a huge role I play in influence the person that my daughter will become. Every single day as a mother, I have to present the best reflection of myself to my child, as she forms her own identity and her own, unique personality. Some children spend time observing and processing information before they attempt imitating with actual intent, but in all cases, they are all watching and they are doing so carefully, while filing away the information. I see this with my own daughter every single day.

As a fun family activity have your little one to create mini familial pegs. You’ll witness firsthand how your little one projects you and how similar you are to one another. Nothing is more precious that family, so enjoy your little ones. They grow up  so fast and before you know it, they are their own selves!