Your baby’s first birthday is one of the most special birthdays you’ll ever celebrate. It marks the end of the most venerable period in a body’s existence and critical development and it signifies the end of the most exhausting and anxious period of adjustment.

The first birthday party is around the time when your little love’s character is really becoming evident. It’s a celebration of all that you’ve achieved and a show case for your masterpiece.

It’s definitely worth noting that this is probably the last party you’ll have full creative control over. From here on it will be themed around a plastic, cartoon illustrated, character like Thomas the Tank Engine, Frozen etc.

Go all out on the first birthday party. Its for you really. May I suggest…


This is a good event to introduce your friends without kids in to your new world, letting them dip a fun toe in to your new #mumlife. It’s also a great opportunity to merge your old friends and the new mummy circle.


Create a scene, whether it be a bar-b-q, a lunch buffet or park picnic, that’s enjoyable for adult guests, but with a little entertainment for smaller attendees. Unless there are older siblings, or you were the last in your circle to have a baby, the chances are at the first birthday party there will be only a few toddlers, for whom a small play mat, or blanket with toys will suffice.

Style it for you

There are some dreamy sites and Pinterest pin boards for toddler party inspiration. My favorite websites are:

100 Layer Cakelet

Project Nursery

Create beautiful memories

By that I mean, get some gorgeous photos of the occasion. Nominate a friend with a good eye and fancy camera to take charge.

Consider the effect of these easy hacks on creating a beautiful scene and photos for sharing and weeping over in the future:

  • Balloons: Big colourful (or otherwise) bunches of helium balloons are inexpensive and give a party scene, especially at a centralized visual area, a big impact. They’re great props for interesting photos and ever green entertainment for kids. Tie long streamers from the knot, or fill with confetti for extra bang.

  • Cake: Mum, dad, baby candle blowing, this is the money shot that all the guests will take and share. It’s the memory that you’ll likely remember this event by… and, even more importantly, everyone is going to be eating it. Make or buy the best one you can afford. Again, there’s so much inspiration on line.

  • Prop favours: Small party favours that fit with your theme and act as cute props are a winner. For example, we laid out teddy bear Alice bands and bright lolly pops for guests at my son’s first ‘Teddy Bear’s Picnic’ party and toddlers - and adults alike, looked fab in them in photos and added a little fun to the event. I’ve seen the same done since with other animal ears, flower head bands, glitter art etc.