I’m very excited to be sharing my first Mommy’s Corner post. This is a great opportunity for me to work with Nestlé, a family-favourite brand who we all grew up with and one who really knows, cares for and understands mums. And in NAN 3’s case, mums of toddlers - who, let’s face it, need a LOT of understanding and caring for!

This first post is to introduce myself and my blog, to give you a feel for what I’ll be covering going forward on Mommy’s Corner by NAN 3.

As my bio will tell you, I am an at-home mum of two young boys, born 15 months apart. The youngest is nearly three now and these are largely happy days. They sleep at night, they walk beside me, they have their own seats on the plane(!), I can negotiate with (bribe) them, they are at nursery and school most mornings of the week. Mamas really getting her groove back! To the point that every couple of weeks I even consider a third in the future! How little we remember of the hard times ay.

I'm British, but I’ve lived in Dubai for over ten years now and we have no plans to leave any time soon. Generally speaking, mums in the UAE have it goooood!

My blog, tuesdayschild.me, is inspired by and celebrates the stylish and accomplished mums doing great things all around me in the UAE. In particular, the mums running their own business, creating something and inspiring others.

I feature the most high-profile, intriguing women in the UAE, in their stylish homes, with their kids. And it’s such fun. I’ve met the most amazing people working on my blog. My study of photography is ongoing and I love shooting my own stories. I’ve worked with a host of international brands whom I genuinely admire and it’s taken me far and wide on travel reviews.

I write about the fun side of motherhood; the fashion, the interiors, toys, leisure and holidays. I’ve also recently started covering the Emirate’s most stylish birthday parties. I try to keep myself up on the latest health and fitness trends, lunch or play spots and mum and kids style news.

So, my Mommy’s Corner posts will be in a similar vein… lots of the fun side of motherhood in the GCC; the beauty of it - because as tough as it is, it IS a fun job and it can be SO beautiful in all kinds of ways, for us all. I’m going to celebrate it and YOU here, once a month. I’ll be covering style (mums and kids), leisure, interiors, parties, toys, travel. The fun bits of our job. I can’t wait!!

Please do let me know with anything you’d like me to cover. I’m always looking for ideas and this is a blog and therefore flexible, interactive and nimble.

Here’s to the Motherhood! Here’s to Mommy’s Corner!