Separating from your little one is necessary at some point in time but that is not to say it is an easy step for parents to take. If given the option many of us would wrap our little one in a snug cocoon to keep them safe from harm, disappointment and hurt. There is no one that will love your child as fiercely as you but there are many who will sincerely care for and about your child. Your job is to search out those people and allow them into your child's life. They will help you provide one of the greatest gifts you can give your child; a strong sense of self, a mind open to new thoughts and ideas, a willingness to try new things and social skills that will serve them well for their entire life.

If we acknowledge the simple truth that we cannot provide our little one with everything that they need to reach their full potential then the idea of Early Childhood Education just makes sense. So much critical development takes place during these early and formative years and your child is eager and willing to soak it all up. Providing them the opportunity to learn from someone trained to best guide and shape learning during this time will enrich their life in ways you can only imagine.

Logically, pre-school makes sense but emotionally letting go can be just as difficult for you as it is for your child. As a parent your job is to be there and protect your little one. It's natural to feel a bit nervous and apprehensive about how they will do in your absence. Relax, that's a perfectly normal reaction. Some degree of separation anxiety is normal and even expected for both child and parent! First acknowledge any fears and concerns that you may be experiencing and then make it a point not to let them interfere with your little one.

They seem to have special radar that allows them to pick up on subtle cues from you. Your job is to help them remain calm and positive. Turn pre-school into an adventure, a wonderful adventure.

Still not convinced, do a little research. Evidence shows that early childhood forms the basis for social behavior, personality, intelligence, the capacity to learn and the ability to self-nurture. Little ones who achieve success at pre-school also experience a higher level of success as an adult and you can't argue with that!

My little Ayla went to nursery at the age of 18 months. Looking back it was one of the most difficult decisions I made but I don’t regret it at all. Letting go was truly the hardest. But after much research on nurseries in Dubai (and I am a super picky mother and let's not forget how overly protective I can be), I found one that had an enabling foundation for enriching my little ones’ cognitive, motor development and social skills. It helped shape her personality and most certainly gave her confidence. Enrolling her at 18 months worked for me, but that’s based on my personal experience. Every mother knows what is suitable for her and her child. Learn to let go and watch them flourish, you’ll be amazed at the results!