Hi! I’m Sarah, a food loving, health promoting nutritionist and a blessed mother of a wonderful 2 years and a half old son. Nutrition, mainly child nutrition is my food for thoughts on a daily basis and has instilled a passion within me to raise a healthy family and develop their love for healthy fresh foods. But I don’t eat “perfectly” and neither do my family. Our eating habits are works of progress, just like we are.

So these are my test subjects: my husband and my son. I try daily to create a positive environment surrounding our food and nutrition habits. BUT… It’s easier said than done on MOST days. Feeding kids is HARD…A lot harder than anticipated.

My aim in this blog is to reassure fellow moms that it’s okay not to be perfect, not to have all the answers, and have kids who’d rather chocolate to strawberries. I’m not going to gloss over the hard stuff or pretend that it’s all simple and fun. I’m a real mom living a real life and even though I’m a Nutritionist, I still struggle with a wicked sweet tooth and a toddler who doesn’t always eat his vegetables. And sometimes, I still feel conflicted and confused about what to do.

What I would like is to share with you my triumphs (and tragedies) when it comes to feeding my family, tell you what works for me (and what doesn’t) and above all, create a no-judgments zone where moms (and even a few dads) can feel understood and never judged; when it comes to feeding a family.

Hoping I’ll inspire you and most of all reassure you

What you’ll find in my entries:

  • ADVICE for raising happy, healthy eaters, including strategies for picky eaters
  • RESOURCES to make the best out of snacking and lunch boxes.
  • TIPS for grocery shopping, label reading, and saving time and money in the kitchen

3 things you should know about me:

  1. I’m a realist. I’m okay with my son having junk food occasionally. But the junk food culture on a daily basis makes me go crazy.
  2. I believe that a diet based around mostly whole foods is the best way to eat and to feed your family
  3. I truly love healthy, fresh foods. But my family and I also have a mean sweet tooth so it’s only human to indulge from time to time! Enjoy it while it lasts