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NAN®OPTIPRO 3 is proud to bring you Mommy’s Corner - a community blog for moms to share valuable tips, experiences, and inspiring stories from all over the region.

Our fantastic team of moms - Laura, Jumana, Noor, Sarah and Heidi - are committed to bringing you helpful advice and recommendations concerning your toddlers, because we understand just how important shaping your child’s future is. So we’ll be covering topics such as nutrition, travel tips, fashion trends and maintaining a work-family balance. Welcome to Mommy’s Corner by NAN®OPTIPRO 3.

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Nestlé’s Commitment to Breastfeeding:

Breastfeeding is best for babies. Henri Nestlé stated this soon after founding our company in 1867. This principle still forms the cornerstone of our Infant Formula Marketing Policy. We are committed to serve the best interests of mothers and babies around the world.

We adhere to all national government measures implementing the WHO Code globally. In higher-risk countries, we voluntarily and unilaterally apply the WHO Code whether or not national regulations exist.


NAN®OPTIPRO 3 is a specialized growing up milk designed for toddlers from 1 to 3 years old. Its unique and complementary combination of high-quality ingredients provides your little one with the essential building blocks of physical and mental development so they can grow up happy and healthy.

In addition to a variety of beneficial ingredients like Bifidus BL, Lipid Smart (DHA), Vitamins (A & D), and Minerals (Iron, Calcium, Zinc), NAN®OPTIPRO 3 also contains a specialized blend of proteins called OPTIPRO®. This ingredient is especially important as experts say that proteins play a significant role in making all our body systems work properly, including immune defenses, digestion, and metabolism. Some proteins your child receives early in life have an impact on his health on the short and long term.


OPTIPRO® means optimized protein. It is an optimized blend of proteins in NAN®OPTIPRO 3 that supplies just the right amount of high-quality protein needed for your toddler’s optimal growth and development

OPTIPRO® helps support your little one with:

  • Optimal growth of muscles and body
  • Optimal brain development
  • A strong immune system

To lay a strong foundation for your toddlers.

The NAN®OPTIPRO 3 Promise

NAN®3 promises to always deliver a growing up milk that not only caters to the fundamental growth and development needs of your toddler, but is first and foremost a foundation for a healthy life.