As a mother, you need to look after yourself - after all, your mental and physical health has never been relied upon or tested more! Here are three simple self-care steps that will help you:

1. Sleep well

There’s always something good to watch on Netflix and time alone with your partner is definitely a priority, but be realistic about going to bed early enough. Research says that every hour of sleep before midnight is worth two after.

There’s nothing more frustrating than struggling to sleep after your little darling has learned to snooze through the night. It’s a common problem, and one I learned to conquer by limiting my caffeine intake during the day, upping my exercise, limiting screen time before bed, and taking magnesium supplements.

There’s nothing like nailing a solid six hours Zzz’s to give you tiger blood and a fresh upbeat outlook on life. Nothing.

I encourage you to read Arianna Huffington’s international bestseller “Thrive with sleep”, in which she praised the many benefits of sleep and encouraged to just go to bed earlier and embrace a nap culture.

2. Keep track of your nutritional needs

Your hormones also take some time to adjust after having a baby. Imbalances in hormones can hamper weight loss, stress management, sleep, hair, and skin health amongst others. Consider seeking a doctor’s advice should you experience such side effects.

Alongside rest and sleep, nutrition is pivotal to a mom’s wellness. A mum’s diet should be tailored to counter lack of sleep, hormone imbalances and stress management. The usual rules apply: stay hydrated, avoid short-term sugar highs (and their subsequent lows), and eat good fats and lots of colorful veggies. From meal plans to good and bad lists, your doctor should be able to point you in the right direction for further or more specific advice.

3. Dress up

You would be amazed how great a professional blow dry can make you look and feel, and how long (with a little dry shampoo spray) you can wear it for. My record is a shameful 10-days! Plus, there are so many great ‘5 minute make up’ tutorials online that can show you how to look like you’ve slept 8-hours with just three products.

It’s all smoke and mirrors. A little sparkle here and there can convince even the toughest critics (i.e. YOU) that you’re feeling and looking rested and fantastic.

Once you understand what works best for you, it makes self-care so much easier! Remember, only if you’re happy, you will be able to make your toddler and family happy.

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